Mutiara Hitam Management

We embark on our journey in the construction and design industry since the early 2000s. With more than a decade of involvement in the industry, we started to diversify into a number of entities throughout the years and take a step ahead by turning the industry into a trendsetter.

Our Director, a young passionate architect, which has experienced numbers of various challenges and achievements throughout his journey, came up with an idea. That is where he assembled a group of partners from different trades of the industries and created a program which will revolutionaries the construction methodology.

Upon the program created they discovered an opportunity where the construction and creative industry can be shared among the community. It is more than just a sketch of design and build, yet it gives a valuable life lesson to every individual.

After we carried out an in-depth research, “Master Build Off” was born with the idea to incorporate creative minds and community. This event is designed with a firm belief that the Lego bricks industry should be broadened locally and internationally. The five (5) main pillars of this event are to support the new norm, enhance innovative minds within communities, create a platform for local talent to showcase their creativity, develop fun ways of learning and add value to the creative and design industry.


Strive towards creating successful events on the international level
To empower Malaysians through creative vision and magnificent artistry event experience


Thrive Together

We unlock each other potentials, across boundaries to ensure success of our event


We push boundaries of the norm and strive for excellence


We believe passion fuels our motivations in achieving what we desire