A master builder is more than just a good builder. Explore and keep on looking for inspiration. It’s a matter of building, unbuilding, and rebuilding! Nothing is impossible. Every LEGO® creation is made to impress, it adds value to LEGO® brick by turning it into various stunning LEGO® creations. Outstanding LEGO® creation requires high creativity and thinking skills by master builders, where it allows them to build a creation that is more realistic.

1. The right choice of colour

It’s indispensable to have the right LEGO® brick colour. Your design will be looking more professional and realistic. Quality over quantity, strip away your concerns over amount; we just need to get the right colour on the exterior of your LEGO® creation. Just because the number of LEGO® pieces is limited, consider all possible means to make the outcome looking realistic. Don’t restrict yourself! To achieve a total realism, create your designs in the closest colour to an object.

There are various LEGO® creations built by Master Builders all over the world with almost the exact colour as per the real object. Now, that’s how you build!

2. Realistic

Start with small LEGO® creations first! Build something small but a real-world object can make your LEGO® creation more realistic. To let people feel the true vibes of your LEGO® creation, you might want to create things like a video game controller, mobile phone, or even a car. Look for any amusing things to recreate. Put your imagination to work in your designs!

Step up your games after you find the right tune in building a realistic LEGO® creation. Mix and match your LEGO® brick with the special LEGO® parts to make your imagination come true.

3. Ditch the instructions

Mashup all your bricks and try to build something new! Yes, LEGO® bricks designs are unique and all. However, what you have in mind could be much cooler. Put your instructions aside and start building your LEGO® creation. Add a little spice to your design by changing here and there! So repeat after me, DITCH. THE. INSTRUCTIONS.

4. Try out the curves

To make your LEGO® creation or building look professional, try out the curves. It is not a simple task to build with square and rectangles. For starters, take a graph paper and a round-shaped object such as a bowl or bottle cap. Next, trace a circle onto the grid and follow the patternyou’ve made. This way, you can practice assembling a simple sphere. Most importantly, choose a suitable width and length of your LEGO® bricks! Your curves depend on that.

5. Keep things organised

Keeping your LEGO® bricks organised helps to declutter your current workspace. You can sort them by their colours or parts. If you have a bunch of special LEGO®parts, forget the shades and just segregate them by parts — for instance, a drawer for hinges, one for doors, one for Minifigure accessories. You can get a random coffee mug you no longer used to keep them all! It’s a good tip so your LEGO® bricks won’t stray at the bottom of a bin full of bricks.


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