How LEGO® Bricks Enhanced Children Development Skills

Playing with LEGO® bricks alone or in a small group helps children in various ways. There are many positive benefits of LEGO® bricks towards children, especially when your child is at the period of developing their skills. It is more than just a toy where LEGO® bricks enhance your children’s cognitive development, communication skills and emotional growth.

The next moment your child is busy playing, consider all the awesome things below that they are experiencing every time, with LEGO® bricks!

1. Communication Skills

Communication is most vital to all; babies, children and adults. Being able to communicate openly, others can understand our needs and wants is very important. At the early stage, your child should be able to master the skills of communication that will be utilised when they enter kindergarten or preschool in the future.

Every child will go through a different phase when they grow up. However, communication skills should be taken seriously despite your children’s age to give them early exposure to social skills. It is more than just toys, LEGO® bricks helped to build your child communication skills in two prime ways.

Learning To Share

It is crucial for children to understand the importance of others. They can support and direct us, and we can do the same for them if there are two ways of communication. Parents should encourage children to share what they have in mind and help them to enhance their thinking skills. Playing with LEGO® bricks facilitates the development of children’s social skills by allowing children to create in teams. A well-built creation from smooth communication among children will give an opportunity for them to play along together and create different imaginative stories in their heads.

Developing the emotional aspect of communicating with people and encouraging the child to understand that it is alright to gain and ask for help. For instance, if the child is playing alone, they could still seek their family members for help.

Interpreting Instructions

Communication is not a one-sided street. Etched in mind that every talker has a listener and LEGO® bricks teach children how to be better listeners. Receiving and interpreting instructions will lead them to act on what they understood.

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2. Puzzle Solving

The mechanics of LEGO® bricks at its core are a puzzle. There are instructions needed to recreate a building, vehicle etc with varying difficulty. Children’s problem-solving skills will be utilised at the point of time, which allows them to be creative while playing with their LEGO® bricks.

According to the instructions from the manual, children have to choose which LEGO® bricks fit the description, brick placements and how it complements the entire design. They might take a longer period to solve the problem but it encourages their brain development. At the end of it, the puzzle can be completed once they follow the instructions.

3. Emotional Development

In this way, they can pick up all sorts of problem-solving skills. Once they feel like things are not going the way they wished, they felt frustrated. A ball of frustrations inside them will tick their mind to keep going and stick with it. Children will learn to acknowledge their feelings and try to overcome them. On top of that, once they complete the puzzle, they will understand total satisfaction.

Exploring puzzles and problem-solving allows them to learn these skills at a young age and finally develop emotional growth. Unlike adults, children have unstable emotions because they are still in a growing period. Thus, it is important to allow your child to have positive emotional growth. Every single thing we learned as a child matter, which is why LEGO® bricks are broadly used in many early learning centres to help a child in their emotional development and problem-solving skills.

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4. Fine Motor Skills

While it’s impossible that we recall, there was a time when we couldn’t walk, drive, or carry a pencil. We learned these skills over time, most likely through the assistance of loving parents. Fine motor skills are essential for children’s development and are greatly helped by the use of LEGO® bricks.

Children’s hands and fingers should be used frequently to make their muscles stronger. It could be frustrating when your child is unable to hold a pencil or brushes at this early stage. However, LEGO® bricks are much easier for your child to play with their hands and fingers.

5. Channeling Creativity

LEGO® bricks give children the ability to transform their imaginations into something more based on their creativity. Moreover, they are given the chance to express themselves in many ways, to create whatever tickles their fancy.

They may start with following the instructions, then they may build something entirely different, thus extending their creativity and aligning it to the real world. Later in life, when they are adults, their ability to imagine can come in handy in a variety of situations, including goal setting, emotional intelligence, and problem-solving skills.


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